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Qingdao CYW Packaging Co.Ltd.

Address: Village of Diaojiayanxia Branch of Longshan Jimo China

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Qingdao CYW Packaging Co.Ltd

CYW Packaging Manufacturer

After years of development, CYW Packaging Co., Ltd has been a trusted manufacturer of high-quality custom packaging products. With the advanced facilities and technologies, we have enough capability to manufacture various kinds of packaging products. We specialized in design and manufacturing of mail boxes, cardboard displays, chipboard gift boxes, soft clear plastic boxes and paper bags.

  • High-end Equipment

At CYW Packaging, you will find a reliable packaging manufacturer and problem solver. Presently, we are able to help you to meet the ever-growing demands of packaging market. We have applied many advanced packaging equipments in manufacturing process such as computer-to-plate equipment, sheeting equipment, six and seven color printing presses with in-line coating and high-speed gluing, folding and label application equipment.

  • Various Production Lines

With the advanced facilities, our product diversity has been improved dramatically. Currently, we can manufacture different packaging products according to your preference. No matter which material or design you choose, you will be satisfied with that.

  • Unbeatable Price

We aims to expand our market, so we continuously introduce emerging technology to maintain reasonable product price. We can help you to select best material and design project in terms of your cost.


  • Quality Control Team

All of the manufacturing plants are managed by industry professionals. They will strictly apply audit and approval process to ensure every product has met international quality standards.


  • Complete Support Service

Many custom packaging manufacturers claims to provide the best customer service, but our increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty show that the service we offer is quite different. If you have any problem about packaging design and manufacturing, our specialists will reply you with practical solutions as soon as possible.

Custom Design

We believe the satisfactory product design should be consistent with customer expectation. Before the mass production, we will communicate with our customers to understand your ideas. After that, we will work with the U.S. team to perfect the draft of product appearance. Finally, we will contact you the second time to determinate each component of product design.


Free Proof

After product design, a free proof will be shipped to you to check the quality of products. We can improve or adjust the design for you if you are not satisfied with product appearance or material.



We aims to give our customers an enjoyable shopping experience, so we provide one-stop service from design, manufacturing to shipping. After the production, your products will be shipped to your specified destination on time.

  • Environment-friendly Materials

We understand the board view of organizational responsibility, which means paying much attention to the interests of the public. We want to contribute to environment protection. In the manufacturing process, we select and use eco-friendly materials. We also apply strict recycling system to reduce energy waste.

We look forward to becoming your long-term business partner of packaging. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Email: packaging@cywproductions.com 

Whats: 86-0136 6889 7163