Promotional Cardboard Dump Bin Floor Display

Promotional cardboard dump bin floor display is a great space saver. It can hold more commodities in the less space. Display the characteristics of the product in all aspects. If you cannot find a exactly suitable dump bin floor display, you can contact us.

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Promotional Cardboard Dump Bin Floor Display

Promotional Cardboard Dump Bin Floor Display, known as advertising/ promotional/retail display, are now widely used in all range of industry. We offer many types of folding cardboard display, such as floor display, counter display , hook display, pallet display, sidekick display, shelf display, dump bins, etc.

Flexo printing

Flexo printing is a traditional printing method can be used on a wide variety of substrate. We are specialized in Flexo printing products. Provide one-stop printing service, including custom designing, printing, packaging and assembling. A variety of printing methods are available with us, including engraving, embossing, lamination, stamping, UV coating and more. Advanced printing processes and technologies add brilliance to your production.

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Different from standard dump bin floor display, custom display can be designed according to your expectation. We value customer ideas, so we can adjust any perspectives of product design in terms of your feedback. If you have any ideas about the product, please contact us in time. CYW PACKAGING CO.LTD, specializing in the production of the design and manufacture. We provide high-quality service. Welcome general customers consultation!  


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