​square Cardboard Dump Bins Display Printing

​square Cardboard Dump Bins Display Printing

Square Cardboard dump bins are used for displaying promotional or seasonal products to increase high visibility and create the last minute impulse sales. CYW has been manufacturing a multitude of packaging products and cardboard displays for clients in North America, Europe, Australia and so on.

Product Details

square cardboard Dump Bins display printing


We pride ourselves on the high quality custom-made cardboard displays. They are made from 100% green corrugated cardboard featuring durability and recyclability. With the structural integrity, they are sturdy enough to carry a large quantity of products. We offer a great variety of sizes and styles, from which you can work with our US-based designers to select the most suitable choices. Besides, you have the absolute control over your customized displays, like size, structure, shape, color, header boards and many others. It is guaranteed that the bespoke displays would suit your products perfectly and effectively grab consumer attention.


In addition to comprehensive customized service, CYW also offers the best possible printing results. With a complete range of modern equipment, we’re dedicated to producing the superior printing work to create the added value for packaged products and highlight the professionalism of our clients. We have the latest offset printers, flexographic printing techniques and silk-screen printing available. The flexo in-line press is a great choice for printing displays: first, it can use a wider range of water-based inks, so it’s a great practice for environmental protection and takes less time to dry. The faster drying process leads to higher production efficiency and lower costs. Plus, the high print quality and registration accuracy of central impression flexo printing is well established. The rich colors and clear images are sure to elevate the profile of your companies.


All the manufacturing procedures and products have to go through the rigorous inspection system, like FSC and ISO 9001.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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