Christmas Tree Cardboard Display for Decoration

Christmas have become a global festival. More and more consumers choose to go shopping during that period. Christmas tree cardboard display is appropriate to be the container of candies and Christmas gifts.

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Christmas Tree Cardboard Display For Decoration

The Christmas tree display made of cardboard is the best of all major supermarkets and retail stores. The materials are environmentally friendly and beautifully styled to meet the festive characteristics. We can manufacture Christmas tree with different styles according to your commodities.


Customized cases


Customized cases

Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallet display is ideal for easy merchandising of large volumes of product. It can be used to ship bulk quantities straight onto the shop-floor using hand pallet trucks and fork-lifts. This makes it easier and more convenient for retailers to display your products and improve the chances of primr location placement of your products in-store. It can also be easily disassembled and used cardboard can be sent to the waste paper recycling station.

Hot sale display stand

High quality cardboard display can really increase sales at point of purchase, well designed POS displays are eye-catching or can be more subtle depending on your target audience and product offering. Floor standing display units offer excellent branding opportunities and enable you to display a wider range of products on a single stand.

As one of the leading packaging products manufacturers and suppliers in China, we’ll offer the best one-stop service from design stage to shipping as a finish.

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