Custom Corrugated Cosmetic Promotion Display

We believe high-quality promotion display can be benefit for sales of commodities. Before the design of cosmetic display, we would research your target consumer and market, to ensure the display meet your demand.

Product Details

Custom Corrugated Cosmetic Promotion Display

The level of the corrugated cosmetics display rack can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size of the product. Can be used alone or in combination. Make the overall layout more perfect to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. It is the best match for your product promotion.


Cosmetic Display


Promotion display

Corrugated paper material

As the manufacturing material of the display rack, corrugated paper is relatively environmentally friendly and convenient for storage and handling. According to the size of corrugated, it is divided into five types: A, B, C, E, and F. E-corrugated paper is often used as a packaging box with certain aesthetic requirements and appropriate weight contents. More than 80% of corrugated paper can be recycled and recycled to avoid environmental pollution.

Silk screen printing

Commonly used printing methods are silk screen printing, offset printing and flexographic printing. Among them, silk screen printing has the advantages of large batch size, low price, bright color, long shelf life and fast delivery, which is recognized by more and more industries. It refers to the use of a screen as a substrate, and through the photosensitive plate making method, a silk screen printing plate with graphics.

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