4 Tier Cardboard Countertop Greeting Displays

4 Tier Cardboard Countertop Greeting Displays

When the card-giving seasons come, greeting cards are in great demand. Are you still bothered by finding a right way to display piles of cards? The 4-tier cardboard counter display is a perfect packaging solution and enables you to benefit from the last-minute impulse purchases.

Product Details

custom printing 4 tier cardboard countertop greeting displays for greeting card retail


Our countertop cardboard greeting card display has four solid tiers, which makes it easy to hold large quantities of cards. Because it has no dividers between tiers, it can accommodate greeting cards of mixed sizes. In addition, a number of locking tabs of stands make structures rigid enough and can be disassembled when they are not in use. To alleviate the shipping costs, those stands will be flat packed, but they are quite simple to set up with the provided instructions.


Our company has manufactured a huge selection of cardboard displays for retail and you can select what you need from our extensive inventory. Or we can provide you the customized products. You have the complete control over every aspect as detailed as the additional accessories of displays or as general as the overall design. As a company with more than ten years of experience, we have made consistent improvements in our printing technologies and efficiencies. Now, we’re proud of top quality printed products we manufactured and the large quantities of choices we offered to our clients. Take the finish for an example, there’s a wide range of options for customized products, like Matte finish, standard matte, glossy finish, UV coating, water base varnishing, or golden/silver embossing and more.


Please feel free to ask questions about your order, our customer service team would love to help and makes the order process as quick and easy as possible.


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