Cardboard PDQ Store Display Paper Box

The display box is an intuitive display product that satisfies the requirements of consumers in terms of sight, touch, smell, taste, etc., increases the user experience, improves the advertising effect, and enables consumers to pay attention.

Product Details

Cardboard PDQ Store Display Paper Box

The paper display box is used as a regular promotional item in the system, and it has a good effect in new product launches, holiday promotions, and daily advertising promotions. Customized display paper boxes are designed exclusively for the characteristics of your merchandise.


Customized case


Customized case

Laminated machine

As a surface processing process after printing. According to the material, it is divided into two types: glossy and matte. After the film is printed, the surface will be smoother, brighter, water resistant and wear resistant. The color of the cover is more vivid and dazzling, and it is not easily damaged. The wear resistance, folding resistance, tensile strength and moisture resistance of the printed matter are greatly enhanced, and the service life is improved.

Customer first

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we pay much attention to the customer relationship. Every customer will be served by manufacturing experts. We strictly control the quality throughout the whole process. From design to fulfillment, all of our products can meet the demand of our clients as well as their customers.

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