​countertop Candy Displays Custom Printing

​countertop Candy Displays Custom Printing

CYW is CE and ISO certified countertop candy display supplier providing the premium graphic design, custom printing, and full production and shipping service. As a global leader in packaging quality services, CYW has been servicing thousands of hundreds of companies of any sizes from large scale to start-ups, for more than ten years.

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countertop candy displays custom printing


Countertop candy displays are perfect to showcase your candies of different varieties, as they effectively draw people’s attention and save much shelf space. Put them near the check counter and see your sales dramatically increase! CYW offers the sturdy and well-designed countertop candy displays with highly affordable price and ultra-fast turnaround time.


The candy displays we manufacturer are constructed of high strength quality materials. The high quality material along with rigid structure hold the displays stable even in the crowded environment. CYW take pride in our amazing printing effects achieved by state-of-the-art printers and experienced technicians. Our flexo printers achieve the high print speed and extended color gamut, which allows us to offer customers more color options and complete the print job even more efficiently. Their advanced plate mounting equipment combined with microdot system ensures the accurate color registration for your bespoke countertop candy display.


In addition, all the cardboard materials and inks we use to customize your candy display stands are 100 percent environmentally sound. We strive to protect our environment by recycling solvents and printing plates used in the printing process. Placing an order in CYW, you can enjoy the tip-top quality customized candy display while making a contribution to support environment friendly practice. The other benefits our clients will enjoy include the attentive personal customer service and faster turnaround time. You need no further look, give us a call or shoot an email , then we’ll start to present the most amazing candy displays for you.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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