Printing Pocket Cardboard Counter Displays

Printing Pocket Cardboard Counter Displays

Pocket cardboard display can accommodate a great variety of items, such as magazines, books, or CDs and more. It is suitable to be positioned in different places. CYW. Packaging provides best cardboard displays of all dimensions to suit your needs and wants.

Product Details

custom printing pocket cardboard counter displays


The floor pocket display is great for keeping either new arrivals or slow selling goods well organized while remaining them in the view of customers. Our company provides comprehensive customized service to manufacture cardboard displays of your specific requirements. Our display is made of 250-450gsm CCNB, which is superior corrugated cardboard with outstanding weight resist. Also, a variety of flutes are available, including B flute, E flute, EB flute and A flute which vary in thickness. On the other hand, the number of compartments of display stand is customizable. Depending on your displayed merchandise, you can choose right size and number of pockets.


Thanks to our upgraded printing techniques, we dedicate to provide professional printing service at reasonable prices. Since our company was established, we have been seeking excellence and efficiency and close attention to product details, which help us gain the extensive customer base. Take the UV coating for example, our improved UV coating enhances the patterns and colors of cardboard packages by making them even more vibrant and pop. Its higher gloss or shine finish creates an instant point of interests on your products. Apart from the stunning look, our UV coating makes the cardboard display more resistant to sun exposure and scratches so that your display maintains a professional appearance for longer period.


As a leading package supplier, our company is capable of manufacturing large quantities of products very efficiently. Our monthly output has reached more than 100,000 pieces. At the same time, we accept relatively small orders with no minimum numbers required. 


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