4-way Cardboard Clothing Floor Displays Printing

4-way Cardboard Clothing Floor Displays Printing

4-side cardboard floor displays are a cost-effective and space saving alternative to metal fixtures for highlighting your products. CYW is one-stop packaging manufacturer for the highest quality cardboard displays, shipping boxes and other packaging solutions. At CYW, you would be provided with the best possible packages, the unique designs and thoughtful after sale service.

Product Details

4-way cardboard clothing floor displays printing


Our 4-side display stands are constructed of 100% green materials and designed with a strong structure, which allow them to withstand much outside pressure and keep steady even in the high traffic environment. We stock a huge selection of predesigned displays that you can choose from, or we’re happy to customize displays according to your specific requirements. The sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and packing options are all up to your choice. Most importantly, all the packages we produce completely fulfill the international quality regulations like SGS, RoHS, and REACH.


What set our cardboard displays apart from competition is our printing service and attention to details. With decades of printing experience and cutting edge technologies, we help hundred thousands of clients worldwide create the added value for their products. Our company has a full range of printing technologies, like offset printing, silk-screen, flexography and many others. Take our screen-printing for example; our company has developed the finest screens to transfer your design onto the substrates, so that the results are very durable and long lasting. Plus, the printed results feature bold colors and vivid images, providing a vibrant and professional look. Last, the printing cost per unit is rather lower compared to other methods, especially for high volume of print jobs. There’re multiple ink options for you to choose from, like the plastisol ink, water based ink and discharge inks. Our high quality inks are tough enough to handle rubbing and scratches without fading or craking. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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