Cardboard Magazine Display Racks Custom Printing

Cardboard Magazine Display Racks Custom Printing

Cardboard magazine display stands are designed for accommodating your books, brochures or literature. They are great alternative to the expensive wood or metal fixture, especially for start-ups with limited budgets. Any merchandising location works, whether it’s a bookshop, convenience store, post office or wholesale outlets.

Product Details

custom printing tier cardboard magazine floor displays stand rack


At CYW, there’s a huge selection of high quality cardboard displays to fulfill your products. You can either purchase our predefined standard displays, or enjoy our customized service to make sure they are perfectly fit for products. No matter which one you prefer, all our displays are constructed from top quality corrugated cardboard. Along with the rigid structure, the displays are very durable and have much longer service life. They are also lightweight so that you can move them with ease.


Our display comes in a wide range of colorful finishes. Glossy while color is the best selling one as it goes well for many environments. Matte dark colors are great for modern location or stores. With a touch of classy, it also blends in any surroundings and doesn’t distract your customers from the displayed items. Furthermore, our spot UV protective finish makes displays more resistant to scratches and easy to clean. Other multiple choices are also available; please contact us for more information.


Our displays come with the removable header that provides adequate room for developing an eye-catching custom signage. It’s effective to grab your customers’ attention and also help them quickly find what they need. Another feature is its deep pocket. Each compartment can accommodate several magazines at a time and allows you to save your storage space.


CYW provides the most comprehensive packaging service for you, including designing, printing and manufacturing. Great price and no minimum order required!

Customized cases are shown as follows:



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