​cardboard Pallets Jewelry Displays Printing

​cardboard Pallets Jewelry Displays Printing

Cardboard pallet display stand is perfect for showcasing the jewelry and other accessories. CYW is a one-stop packaging manufacturer providing a vast selection of displays, shipping boxes, cardboard gift boxes and paper bags. The past decades witness our great accomplishment in further improving printing techniques, designing artwork and thoughtful customer service.

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cardboard Pallets jewelry Displays printing


The pallet displays we produce are constructed from the sturdy recyclable cardboard materials. From selection of raw materials, pre-production machine testing, three times assessment for finished goods all the way to our customer service, we not only have our own rigorous quality control team, but also comply with the international standards like FSC, ISO9001, RoHS, CE, SGS and REACH.


Our Research and development team has made great efforts to improve our flexo printing. The improved printed work features brighter colors, clearer and crisper images and higher gloss. These special traits are hard to be replicated by average offset printers used in other companies. The speed of flexo printers can reach more than 2 times faster than offset printers, which makes rush order to be completed on time. Also, the inks we use is water-based, so they are free of pollutants and great for environmental protection. Meanwhile, our flexo printing can compete the following jobs continuously, including double-side printing, glazing, laminating, hot stamping, die-cutting, waste discharge and slitting. This smooth manufacturing procedure dramatically ensures less turnaround time, saves your cost and earns you a competitive advantage.


We have been providing the custom-made service for clients in North America, Europe and Australia. Our clients are offered a huge selection of choice in terms of cardboard materials, dimensions, structures, colors and styles. Our overseas design experts are ready to put forward professional suggestions for you to choose the most suitable choice.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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