Corrugate Shelf Floor Displays Custom Printing

Corrugate Shelf Floor Displays Custom Printing

The dedication to provide the finest packaging solutions makes CYW the most reputational ISO certified corrugate floor display supplier in China. The great accomplishment we obtained should be attributed to our expertise and professional custom printing technicians. With recognition and trust from our customers worldwide, we look forward to manufacturing even more fantastic floor display stands in the future.

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corrugate shelf floor displays custom printing 

Corrugate floor displays work in all kinds of retail environment, like grocery store, supermarket retailers, gift shops, sporting goods stores and many other types of retail outlets. Not only can they effectively draw attention from customers, but also save the floor space and showcase products in an organized way. To maximize the usage of floor displays, CYW offers the all in one custom made corrugate floor displays that would fit your products completely.


At CYW, every floor display is different from others. All of them are manufactured according to the specific requirements of our customers. So we offer an extensive line of custom options for shelf floor displays to meet any merchandising needs. The dimensions, structures, colors, shapes, and varnishes are all up to your choice. Our technical expertise of production capabilities and creative graphic designers are ready to help you find the most suitable options for your customized floor display stands.


Premium custom printing quality for shelf floor displays has been proven by our happy clients’ testimonials. CYW as a custom packaging specialist, have invested in the full range of printing equipment to suit different needs for printed shelf floor display stands. The full color offset printers coupled with silk-screening and flexographic printers are all available. Besides, we take pride in manufacturing environment-conscious display stands by using 100 percent recyclable corrugate materials and green inks. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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