Custom Printing 4-way Cardboard Clothing Floor Displays Rack

4-way cardboard display racks are suitable for all kinds of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. The patterns, colors and shapes can be freely and innovatively designed, and the publicity effect is excellent.

Product Details

Custom printing 4-way cardboard clothing floor display rack

4-way cardboard floor displays are stable, trendy and cost-sufficient , they are popularly for a retailing solution. Various sizes, colors and shapes are customized to fit your interior design. We manufacture from a ceiling-to-floor display rack to a simple standard sized 4-way cardboard clothing display rack. Being customizing and innovative is our goal to meet your specifications. Your satisfaction is best value add-on to your promoted products, such as clothes, bags, bed linens etc.

Corrugated cardboard display

Cardboard 4-way floor display rack is made by corrugated cardboard, we can customize your promotional graphic and company logos with full vibrant colors, they are the real artworks at a retail store. Our design team based in USA has more than 10 years in 4-way cardboard floor display designing, our manufacturer is capable to produce 50, 000 sets of 4-way cardboard per month. You can choose on rather a glossy, matte lamination or UV-coated finish, flat packaging or pre-pack, assembled packaging options are available.

Display production process

Cardboard display generally use non-printed corrugated paper materials. According to the design structure data input into the computer cutting machine, the cutting machine can make the standard flat paper shelf in the non-printing corrugated paper according to the indentation strength and the half-knife depth required by the structural drawing. After that, printing, subsequent processing, and finally packaging will be carried out. CYW Packaging is you best choice, we deliver high standard 4-way cardboard floor display racks, your satisfaction is our goal.



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