Custom Printing Corrugate Cardboard Product Shelf Floor Displays

Corrugated cardboard display stand is easy to assemble, green and environmentally friendly, and is a good helper for product promotion. As the manufacturer of unique packaging products, we need to know your requirement of marketing, lead-time and costs.

Product Details

Custom printing corrugated cardboard product shelf floor display

Corrugated cardboard product shelf floor display is perfect for the retailing stores and supermarkets. They are budget, Eco-friendly, lightweight and movable. They can be designed with header or without header. High quality corrugated cardboard are used in our production, we offer most competitive price in the market.

Corrugated cardboard material

Corrugated cardboard is a multi-layered adhesive consisting of at least one layer of wavy core paper and one layer of cardboard. It has a high mechanical strength and can withstand collisions and falls during handling. Corrugated corrugations are juxtaposed in a row and support each other to form a triangular structure with good mechanical strength. It can also withstand a certain pressure from the plane, and is rich in elasticity and has a good cushioning effect.

Display professional supplier

We are one-stop processing manufacturer in designing, manufacturing, assembling, packaging and shipping services. We are professional in cardboard displays business for more than ten years. We customized design your ideal shelf floor displays with your company logos and photos specialized to catch your customer attention at the first glance. Small quantity is accepted. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. 



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