Cardboard Power Wing FSDU Display Printing

Cardboard Power Wing FSDU Display Printing

FSDU hook display is great for showcasing your new arrival products and holiday promotion. CYW is a packaging manufacturer equipped with professional design experts, advanced printing technologies and wide access to high quality materials. The premium packaging bespoke service serves as our core strength.

Product Details

cardboard power wing fsdu display printing


Our power wing fsdu displays are made from durable and eco-friendly cardboard material. Along with the rigid structure, they are sturdy enough to carry a great number of products and keep steady. Also, they are lightweight enough for people to move them at ease. They can be shipped flat to save your shipping cost and storage space.


Our company has been providing complete customized service for several decades, helping many companies to build brand identity and increase customer familiarity. We offer a diverse range of options for you to choose, including dimensions, shapes, header, fonts, colors and typography. Our US based packaging design experts would work with you to craft the most suitable and creative displays.


Equipped with flexo, offset and screen-printing techniques, we can virtually print materials of any color, any design and any size. You would enjoy a wide choice of printing possibilities. The printed results are so crisp, beautiful, and consistent that they have received wide recognition from our current clients. Most importantly, we offer you the most competitive price for quality prints.


Besides, we have automatic laminating machines that can laminate large and many items at once. Our automatic die-cutting machines provide the accurate and uniform distribution of the cutting power across the cutting area, resulting in the clear and debris-free edges.


To guarantee the quality of our products, we conduct a series of strict quality inspections at each manufacturing phrase. Our products, the entire process of production and customer service are all well recognized by CE, ISO9001 and ISO14000.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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