Collapsible Cardboard Gift Box for Birthday

Collapsible Cardboard Gift Box for Birthday

To celebrate birthdays for our friends or families, people usually spend a lot of time and money selecting the most suitable presents. But how to beautifully wrap those carefully selected gifts is a problem that bothers many people. Our company produces the packaging solution of different kinds to fulfill your needs.

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custom idea design Collapsible cardboard gift box for birthday printing


Our collapsible cardboard gift box is a perfect package for your birthday gift. It features stylish design, exquisite appearance, finest quality and reusability. Our company has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing cardboard and paper packages. Our products have been exported to Europe, North America and many other countries. With the commitment to consistent best practice, our company has gained a worldwide recognition in this field of packaging.


To produce the finest cardboard gift boxes, we carefully choose the eco-friendly materials. Those high quality materials contribute to their extended lifetime of boxes and they can be reused for many purposes. Thanks to our Pantone color system, the pattern and color of our birthday gift box look so bright and vibrant so as to easily make your gift stand out. The pantone color system has more specific color choices and more precise color identification. It enables us to pick up the exactly same color as our clients desire. Also, it’s essential for our designers to create unique design works with the best suitable shades and color arrangements. On top of that, we can produce other colors like metallic, and fluorescents that are not possible in CMYK. Over the past decade, we have never given up one chance to improve our printing skills. Now, our company is fully capable of providing mass customization service.


Our company furnishes the most comprehensive services covering design, production and delivery.


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