Design 2 Piece Wine Cardboard Packaging Gift Box Printing

The wine carton is diversified in shape and convenient for processing, which not only protects the convenient transport and storage of red wine, but also facilitates the sales of red wine from a certain angle. It is a perfect choice for advertising promotion and gifts.

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Custom design 2-piece wine cardboard packaging gift box

There’s no doubt about the importance of external packages for wine suppliers. The right package is an important part of a good products. Our custom-made wine cardboard gift boxes will make your wine look more upscale. We provide flexible and personalized solutions to customize your packaging gift boxes.


2-piece winw box


Wine gift box

Box finishing

We are specialized in short run and long run orders and print gift boxes in all quantities. We use high-end quality cardboard for your custom wine gift boxes but with affordable price. You decide on your preferred patterns on a gloss or a matte finish. Company names are imprinted on the surface of the gift box will be the your best marketing promotion, as gift boxes go with the gifts quickly spread to your potential customers. Various packaging options and payment methods are available. We are your best2-piece wine cardboard packaging gift box wholesale printer.

CYW Custom-made

We customize your packaging cardboard boxes with full flexibility and personalized solutions. We are one-stop process manufacturer in designing an manufacturing 2-piece wine cardboard packaging gift boxes. It makes it easier to produce custom designed packaging gift boxes with your own company logo and design in one production. One process production is also cost effective and environmental friendly.

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