Design Book Style Christmas Cardboard Gift Box with Lids

The happiest thing to do at Christmas is to receive a lot of presents. No matter how busy the year is, we all pick our fancy Christmas presents for our friends. Have you ever thought of a custom Christmas gift box with lids to make your gift unique? CYW can provide customized service for you.

Product Details

Custom design book style Christmas cardboard gift box with lids wholesale

Christmas cardboard gift boxes with lid are perfect for your Christmas gifts. They are customized with various styles and colors, lids are designed with separated colors or customized artworks on it, our custom design book style Christmas cardboard gift box worth any gifts giving to your loved ones or to your customers.


Color Application

Consumers' preference for packaging is closely related to color. For color selection printing, we will follow your request. Of course, if you have no idea, we will recommend suitable colors for you according to your customers, such as female color, male color and national color. Our CMYK and Pantone card have various colors and full color offset printing machine make color accuracy of printed matter to meet customer requirements.

Experience and technique

Our US based design team is highly experienced in custom cardboard gift box designing and good understanding of foreign Christmas gift box needs. There are gloss and matte lamination as cardboard gift boxes finishes, you may also decide a imprinted/embossed brand image or name appear on your gift boxes, it is a best marketing tool for your company. CYW hope our Christmas cardboard gift boxes will heighten the Christmas atmosphere for you.



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