Flip Lid Wedding Gift Box Custom Printing

Flip Lid Wedding Gift Box Custom Printing

Nowadays, people have been tired of things that made with uniform standards. Especially for newly-weds, they all want to add some special sense to their weddings. The personalized wedding favor box is a great and economical way to make their weddings look special. CYW is a renowned specialist providing high-end customized packages of great varieties.

Product Details

custom caton flip lid wedding gift box for card design and printing

The wedding themed bags or boxes are perfect for accommodating wedding favors and they are sure to delight guests. The boxes can be designed with the style matching with your wedding. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a great package for wedding gift you bought for friends, our customized boxes also work for you. Imagine they look at the one-of-its-kind gift box, they would feel so special and grateful for what you have done.


CYW carries a large selection of wedding gift boxes in a variety of styles. You can choose from assorted templates we provide, or tell our designers what your idea is. At CYW, you would find a team of overseas design experts who’s more than happy to bring your concepts to reality.


Printing is one of our core businesses. Thanks to our decades of experience, we pride ourselves on high quality printed work. We adopt the Pantone color mode or CMYK to work out the exact color you want. Besides, the cutting-edge printing machine and equipment offer you a myriad kind of printing options. Multiple finishes are also possible depending on design complexity and box color.

To ensure the high quality packages as we always deliver, we conduct the extensive rigorous quality inspections during the whole process of production. That’s why we have been trusted for decades to launch, develop and build brands for our clients worldwide.


Customized cases are shown as follows:


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