Collapsible Cardboard Gift Box for Birthday Printing

Apart from the basic functions of protecting and conveying commodity information, the birthday gift box should also convey the emotional communication between people and improve the positioning of the gift. Custom idea design collapsible cardboard birthday gift box is an exceptional choice for your gift wrapping needs.

Product Details

Collapsible cardboard gift box for birthday printing

Birthday gift box is the embodiment of the heart, we handmade gifts or buy goods, need a can reflect the effect of packaging, when you open it slowly open the secrets of your heart  will show him that you want to express different thoughts, this is the meaning of custom birthday gift boxes. CYW Packaging as a leading professional packaging manufacture, we offer one-stop process from design, manufacturing, packaging to assembling and shipping.


gift box


custom birthday box

Green raw material

Advocate green packaging, paper is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice. We offer a various of paper materials for your choice, such as Art paper, Kraft paper, Ivory board special paper and other as requested. These materials are environmentally friendly, high utilization, production and processing of simple packaging waste recovery is also high.

Printing technology

Because the birthday gift box is the outer package box, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color difference, ink dot, rotten edition these influence aesthetic shortcomings. We adopt offset printing and silk screen printing and factory technicians have more than ten years of experience will present the perfect collapsible birthday gift box to you.  There are a wide range of colors and styles for you to choose, CYW is your best cardboard collapsible gift box supplier.



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