Magnetic Designed Necklace Gift Box Printing

Magnetic Designed Necklace Gift Box Printing

CYW is a leading magnetic jewelry gift box supplier with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and well-trained employees. Most importantly, you can benefit from our more than ten years of experience, which means your every penny would be well spent without wasting your costs and precious time. We’re an ISO certified gift box manufacturer, and our custom print quality has been widely recognized by our clients around the world.

Product Details

magnetic designed necklace gift box printing

The magnetic jewelry boxes are perfect to accommodate the necklace and earing. Our exceptional quality gift boxes give the high-perceived value for your products by showcasing and making them look very special and expensive. As we know, the packaging method is the most cost-effective way to create the great impression on your customers and promote brand awareness. The superior necklace and earing gift box is perfect to make a great first impression. By printing your company logo or texts on gift boxes, people would unconsciously have the familiarity and trust in your brand when they need to buy your products.


On top of the benefits, our sturdy gift boxes are made of quality cardboard materials. Combined with rigid structure, the gift boxes can protect necklace and earing in shipping or storage. Especially, our gift boxes have the magnetic closure offering the extra protection for your products. Our structural designers take the usage experience into serious consideration, so our magnetic gift boxes can be assembled with ease within seconds. To highlight your logo, our superior custom printing can achieve that goal. The full range of printing technologies offer you a wide selection of choices to create the high end packaging with printed logo.


At CYW, we also offer the innovative graphic design service if you need. Our US-based design experts would love to help you craft the elegant and styled outlook for your magnetic necklace and earing gift box.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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