Slip Case Cardboard Gift Box Print

Slip Case Cardboard Gift Box Print

There’re numerous benefits of custom gift boxes for packaging your products. But to make those theoretical benefits come true, you need to find a reliable packaging solution supplier. CYW is the leading package manufacturer with more than ten years of experience and dedicated workforce. At CYW, you would enjoy 100 percent hassle-free custom service and top quality gift boxes at best price.

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Slip case cardboard gift box print


How to make your products or gifts stand out from crowds? The gift boxes offer the most straightforward way to impress your customers or gift recipients. The customized gift boxes would fit your gifts perfectly and you can print any image or text on them to make it feel more special.


As a professional gift box supplier, we offers a wide range of gift boxes in different styles, colors, sizes, shapes and structures. Among them, the slip case cardboard gift box is one of the favorite choices for our customers worldwide. Made of high quality cardboard materials, our slip case gift boxes are extremely durable to protect the items inside and to be reused for many times. To catch the eye of people, the exceptional custom print quality is of crucial importance to the whole gift box thing. Over the past years, we have accumulated adequate expertise and experience to help you customize the top quality cardboard gift boxes in cost-effective way. No time and money would be wasted during the manufacturing process and we’ll lead you to the shortcut to achieve the finest print quality by using our experience. Having a wide access to different advanced printing techniques, our skillful printing engineers can achieve the stunning custom printing effects that you seek for. You can also opt for other accessories for you slip case gift boxes, like ribbons, inserts, rope and more.


CYW is an ISO certified gift box manufacturer, and we guarantee the 100 percent customer satisfaction!

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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