Promotional Heavy Duty Gift Paper Bag Printing

CYW was established to help companies increase brand exposure by providing them high quality printed packaging solutions. As an experienced paper bag supplier, we has the knowledge to effectively communicate company’s brand, product or message through the frequently used printed paper bags.

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Promotional heavy duty gift paper bag printing

Heavy-duty paper bags are most assessable and convenient carrier in our daily lives. They are also economical and effective means for companies to promote their brand awareness. CYW specializes in manufacturing the customized heavy-duty gift paper bags for more than ten years.


To maximize the space of paper bags, corporate logo, brand, texts and even product info can be designed and printed on the bespoke paper bags. We have a team of graphic design experts, offering the accessibility to the most innovative minds in the packaging industry.  The heavy duty promotional paper bags can be fully customized to suit your business needs, including the paper materials, structures, handles, colors, finishes, shapes and many more.


Custom printing serves as the core business of CYW. Our well trained printing technicians and state-of-the-art technologies ensure high image quality with vivid contrasts and small details and impressive color reproduction. The varnishes we applied on your customized promotional paper bags keep them best condition in the years to come. We’re control freaks when it comes to quality assurance. At each step of manufacturing process, we check carefully every detail of gift paper bags. Our promotional heavy-duty paper bags are not only certified by ISO standards but also obtain the wide praise from our clients worldwide.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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