Packaging Black Box

Packaging Black Box

CYW offers custom black box of different sizes and styles. With more than ten years of experience to back us, we strive forward with high quality custom printing services for packaging black boxes of great varieties. We also offer competitive price and fast turnaround time that ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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Packaging black box


For custom black boxes, our clients have full liberty to select the dimensions, design styles, structure, shape, materials and finishing options. To help you make informed decisions for your custom packaging black box, our experienced technicians will help you find out the optimal combination of options and methods. Your packaging black box will be exactly manufactured according to your specific requirements.


As to raw materials, you can count on our extensive and reliable source that we take over ten years to establish the solid partnership with. All the materials we use are environment conscious and durable, leaving the least footprint on our environment. Along with the rigid structure, your packaging black boxes are going to be reused for many times and effectively protect the items inside even on the rough conditions. In addition, we have the printing expertise and skillful workforce to achieve the exceptional custom printing results. Our pressmen are really passionate about what they are doing and their attention to details allows our printing quality to be widely recognized by our customers. The wide-ranging print options are available since we’re equipped with full range of flexographic printers, offset printing and silk printing equipment.


On top of quality, CYW provides services in a timely manner by shipping your black boxes when and where you need them. The ultra fast turnaround time and trust worthy shipping service we offer to save your costs and precious time. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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