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Qingdao CYW Packaging Co.Ltd.

Address: Village of Diaojiayanxia Branch of Longshan Jimo China

Tel: +86-13668897163

E-mail: packaging@cywproductions.com

Qingdao CYW Packaging Co.Ltd


Cooperating with CYW Packaging

1. How do I get a quotation?

We will offer a product price on the basis of customers’ demands. You just need to contact us by e-mail (sales@cywprinting.com).


2. What informatrion do I need to get a quotation?

l  Product specifications

l  Estimated manufacturing volume

l  Expected lead-time

l Shipping destination


3. What makes CYW Packaging different?

l We are experienced manufacturer of packaging.

l  We offer custom packaging product.

l  We provide one-stop service for our customers (design, mass production & shipping).

l  We provide best products with affordable price.


4. Where is your manufacturing factory?

Our factory is located in Jimo (Qingdao, Shandong).

5. How many steps do I need to take?

Step 1 After receiving your e-mail, we will reply you an initial design project and estimated cost of your packaging products.

Step 2 We work with the U.S. team to perfect your packaging design.

Step 3 We will offer a free proof for you to collect your feedback.

Step 4 We adjust and improve any detail of packaging product in terms of your requirements.

Step 5 We manufacture your order as soon as possible.

Step6 After quality control, your order will be shipped to your specified destination on time.


6. How about the minimum order quality?

There is no minimum order volume. You can contact us by e-mail (sales@cywprinting.com).


7. How can I check my order status?

You can contact us by e-mail to check your order status. We will reply your e-mail as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we will manufacture your order in the minimum manufacturing period.


1. Do you have product design supported by experts?

Definitely. We cooperate with American team to design each detail of your packaging products.


2. Can I participate in design process?

Of course. We have the characteristic service of custom packaging products. We will regulalry communicate with you to understand your preference. In the following periods, we will adjust the design project further in terms of your ideas.


3. Can I get the technological support?

Yes. We are experienced manufacturer of packaging products. If you have any problems about product design and manufacturing, we will provide 24/7 support service for you to address your problems.


4. What digital files can you accept?

We can accept many kinds of files, for example CAD, 3DMAX, JPG, PDF, CDR, AI, TIFF.



1. Can I receive a proof prior to mass production?

Yes. We will provide a free proof for you before production to collect your feedback about product quality and design. If you have any advices, we will adjust or improve proof as your requirements.


2. How to approve the proof?

Please scan your signature on proof and email back to us. We do not accept oral or email-only approval.


3. How long does it take to manufacture my order?

In general, we can manufacture most orders within one month. However, it depends on product quantity & complexity. You can contact us with your idea to get an estimated manufacturing period.


4. How about quality control (QC)?

We trade QC as the most important step of packaging manufacturing. A team of experts will check each detail of products after manufacturing. Only the qualified prooducts will be packaged and shipped.


5. Are your products Eco-friendly?

Yes. We sourced our raw materials from ethical organziations that care about natural environment. We strictly apply recycling matertials and recycling system in manufacturing process.



1. Do you ship globally?

Yes. We can ship your packaging to almost any destination around the world.


2. How much does the shipping cost?

It depends on the shipping distance and shipping mode. Please tell us your specificied destination and preferred shippping mode, we will reply you with a shipping cost.



1. What forms of payment can you accept?

We can accept Visa, MasterCard and company check.


2. How about your payment security?

All of credict card information will securely and automatically send to the bank. We will not record any credit card and other payment information of our customers.