Color change of color printing packaging design

- May 19, 2017 -

Color Printing packaging design is a more test of the comprehensive design skills of the thing. However, a lot of people who do not understand the printing color of the design directly according to the display color to design the color of the packaging, the direct consequence of this is that the printing color and display of the display color has deviated from typesetting, the main reasons for the following two aspects.
First, the display and printing of the color principle is different.
The display color principle for color method, the use of R, G, b Three primary colors, and the principle of printing color color subtractive method, the use of C, M, Y, K four colors. RGB color gamut is much more than CMYK gamut range, that is, RGB color space in a lot of color is ink can not be reproduced.
So often displays on the display very bright color digital printing in China, after printing, the color will become dark or even completely different colors.
Second, the printing pattern is composed of dot.
So to grasp the correct printing color, designers should learn to use standard color standards, directly set C, M, y, K dot percentage.
To pay attention to the black in the original role in the printing, theoretically C, M, y three-color overprint can be printed black, but the small black text as far as possible to avoid the use of overprinter typesetting, because it is possible because of the text strokes too small to create misregister phenomenon.

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