How to make a cardboard display box

- Apr 28, 2018 -

How to make a cardboard display box


Its no doubt that a well designed display box helps present and sell your products in stores and achieve a great retail success. Walking into the grocery stores, drug stores, super markets and other retail outlets, people would be attracted by different kinds of cardboard display boxes. Display boxes can be made in various shapes, sizes and color and designs to suit different environment. Its impossible to catch the eyes of every potential customer through only one set of in-store cardboard display. However, therere certain ways to attract most customers and boost your sales. Therere a few of the best tips from retail packaging experts on how to make a cardboard display box.


Consider cardboard material


The display boxes should be sturdy and lightweight. They can stay steady even in the busy and crowded environment and can be moved with ease. Using high quality cardboard materials leads to great printing effects and enhance the items displayed to the next level.


Think great design


Great design not only decides what it looks like, but also ensures the rigid structure and durability. Cardboard display boxes can be designed in various shapes and color combinations. The shapes of display boxes depends on what kind of message youre trying to convey and your target customers. If youre trying to attract children and give the impression that a certain product has a great flavor, the design of cardboard display boxes should have the vibrant color, cartoons and images children are interested in. If youre selling the female fashionable clothes, the cardboard display boxes should cater to the tastes of latest fashion trend.


Trust the power of custom printing


If you got great material and design, it doesnt mean youll get the best display boxes. Aside from those, custom printing is of great significance to a popular cardboard display box. Exceptional custom printing unpacks the creativity of designers and ensures the attractiveness of display boxes. With high quality custom printing, the display boxes are easier to capture the attention of clients and enhance the level of a retail outlet as a whole.


Find a reliable display box manufacturer


A reliable and experienced manufacturer would offer the expert advice and most suitable custom options. Their extensive experience would help you save a lot of trouble during the manufacturing process. Customers can be benefited by their advanced technologies and e skilled workforce that a professional supplier has.


CYW is committed to providing a full range of custom options for display boxes. With more than ten years of experience, they can offer top grade custom display boxes with great printing results, ultra-fast turnaround time and highly affordable price.

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