How to make packaging box design

- Sep 14, 2018 -

How to make packaging box design

Packaging becomes the main behavior of market sales in actual business activities, and inevitably has a close relationship with the psychological activities of consumers. As a packaging designer, if you don't understand consumer psychology, you will be blind. The design of the box should be user-friendly, making it easier for consumers to accept and innovate. So how do you do the packaging box design?

1,Find out the psychology of consumers

Studying consumer psychology and change is an important part of packaging design. Only by mastering and rationally applying the law of consumer psychology can we effectively improve the design quality and increase the sales efficiency while increasing the added value of goods. For example, practical, beautiful, unique or herd mentality.

2,Box material and size selection

Before any product packaging box is customized, it needs to be selected. The choice of packaging material should be environmentally friendly. It is required to use the self-decomposing and non-polluting environment on the packaging materials to minimize waste and minimize environmental pollution. At present, materials such as environmentally friendly inks, white cardboard and corrugated paper are the materials of choice for packaging. Note that the size and material are determined, both at the same time. Prevent products not loaded into place.

3,Text design and color selection

The box design should be pleasing to the eye and understand the product and brand content through the text. Need to pay attention to is that the text font can not be too much, it is best to be within three, to avoid cumbersome and messy. Color affects people's psychological activities and acts on our actions. This is because different colors give different feelings and produce different emotions, thus affecting our behavior. Therefore, in the packaging design, you need to choose the color recognized by the public.


The box is also a kind of printed matter. Most of the graphics use CMYK color mode, and the clarity must be higher than 300 points, otherwise it is easy to blur. For example, pictures of products, brand names, introductions, barcodes, etc. The overall design should be a consumer group suitable for the product. Concise, natural, or novel and chic.

5,Special packaging box design should be treated specially

For boxes with special functions, be sure to draw the cut lines first. And all the cuts must be combined before they can be put into production. Because the printing house is made according to the pattern provided by the designer, if the designer does not confirm whether it is reasonable, it may be troublesome in the later stage. In addition, when designers are designing and making boxes, it is best to print them in a ratio of one to one.

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