Influence of ink balance on color box printing quality

- May 19, 2017 -

Color box printing, the need to configure high-quality ink technology to complete. However, the ink balance is a very strict technology, the average person can not grasp. Meanwhile, the ink balance has some influence on the quality of color box printing.
The ink balance is a relative balance, not an absolute equilibrium. So how should we understand this?
In the high-speed operation of the equipment, printing and text parts and Non-verbal and text parts of both inking, and water, mutual infiltration, so in the printing plate will inevitably produce ink emulsion phenomenon.
If the amount of water and ink is not well controlled, will deepen the ink emulsification, resulting in printing paste version, dirty version. Printing is usually used to reduce the amount of water, the appropriate way to increase the volume of ink, but sometimes reduce the amount of ink.
In addition, the ink emulsification will vary with the environmental conditions change, in the actual printing production, should be based on the actual situation, grasp the ink viscosity and fountain solution ph value control of good ink volume and water, to the printing plate, not dirty version of the benchmark.

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