Material design selection and design Considerations for packaging carton

- May 19, 2017 -

I. Selection of material design for packaging carton
Carton material design and selection to whiteboard paper, gray paper, white cardboard, rice cardboard, glass cardboard, coated papers, Kraft cardboard, corrugated mainly. The principle of design is to consider the shape of carton, the size of the shape, the weight to be borne, appearance, grade, printing process and the choice of prepress processing.

1, Paper jam
Cardboard is the ideal material for making high-grade cartons, its good feel, ideal color and dot printing conditions, and the stiffness and surface strength are the reasons for designers. According to the requirements of different cartons, designers can design a variety of cardboard.
(1) White Paper jam
White cardboard features are not only high whiteness, and luster soft, elegant nobility, printing dot transfer good, level and color reduction can reach a high standard, and feel delicate. Designers often use white cardboard for gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, tags and other high-end products.
(2) Glass jam
The glass paperboard is the surface of the paper jam produced a kind of cardboard, the surface gloss is very high, and feel smooth, its visual effect than cardboard, coated papers by UV glazing after the gloss is high, with this kind of cardboard products are very bright eye-catching. The designer often applies the glass paper jam to the packing box of the medicine and the upscale cosmetics.

2, coated paper
Coated paper, also known as printing paint, this paper is coated on the original paper a layer of white paste, through the calendering made. The paper surface is smooth, the whiteness is high, the elasticity is small, the absorption of the ink and the reception condition is very good. It is mainly used for printing the cover and illustrations of senior books and periodicals, color pictures, a variety of exquisite merchandise advertising, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks and so on.
No light coated paper, compared with coated paper, not too reflective. With its printed pattern, although there is no paper color bright, but the pattern is more delicate than coated paper, more upscale. Printed graphics, the picture has a three-dimensional, so this kind of paper can be widely used to print pictorial, advertising, landscape, exquisite calendars, figures and other photographic images.

3. Sheet paper
Sheet paper is a kind of laminated structure of paper, its quantitative 220 ... 400g M2, the scope is very wide, the choice of room for the largest variety of materials. This kind of paper has a certain degree and surface strength, especially painted whiteboard paper because of its surface coating, printing ink is not easy to penetrate, less dosage, printing image color and dot transfer good. But the disadvantage is that the flatness is poor, the printing speed is slow;
Often the paper used in packaging food, medicine, middle and low cosmetics, toys, home appliances and other household products, but also the use of cardboard as a product of the tag, liner and plastic compound made of composite containers, instead of metal and glass metal container packaging materials, food, milk and so on.

Second, the design of packaging carton attention to what?
1, if the format of the packaging carton more than the printing press, the carton should be divided into two halves to print, at this time to increase the interface;
2, the number of overprinter to take into account the aesthetic pattern. Economic。 The number of the printing presses and the accuracy of the overprint of the machine;
3, if the thickness of the packaging products more than offset printing presses thickness range, should first print a thinner cardboard, and then mounted on it a layer or more layers of cardboard;
4, design In addition to the aesthetic point of view, but also take into account the printing process of the difficulty of duplication and the effect of replication;

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