The design of red wine box should pay attention to people's psychology

- May 19, 2017 -

Red wine packaging design is to enhance the value of wine added, is to help wine to sell a better means, different design results will not be the same, so in the red wine packaging design must be able to analyze. Packaging main audiences are people, so in packaging design must understand the psychology of people, analyzed the psychological redesign of people, red wine packaging design to pay attention to the psychology of people, what are the specific knowledge?

Wine packaging design is the medium of communication between people and products, on the deeper level, packaging design is the intermediary between people. And not just as a simple form of change, the product itself, packaging design can not change the performance of the product itself, but can enhance the product brand emotional experience and loyalty, increase the human and people, people and enterprises between the emotional exchange, enrich life experience.

From the perspective of information communication, each product will give the audience two aspects of information: one is the product function information, this is the design of the most essential and direct material information, is also the main reason for most people to buy products, on the other hand is the product packaging information, which is the design of the internal, indirect, non-material information, but also to attract customers to buy products an important reason, in fact, with the spread of information concept and in-depth, To the audience's emotional information is increasingly becoming the main reason for customers to buy products. The economic condition of a person restricts the purchase behavior of individuals to a great extent. Consumers generally consider spending in the most reasonable way within the range of disposable income in order to meet their needs more effectively. Lifestyle is also a factor that affects consumer buying behavior. It is based on the individual's heart goals or values to arrange the mode of life, and through activities, society, interests and opinions to express. Consumers of different lifestyles have their own preferences for some goods or brands.

Psychological research shows that people's understanding of color although there is a general consensus, even if we can manipulate the color combination of packaging to enhance the function of conveying information, but the human consciousness of the "variable" determines the color of the good and evil and demand is always changeable, this is based on the physiological age of people, life experience, knowledge structure and the influence of foreign culture, it is possible that someone in the 20-year-old like color and the 25-year-old like color will have a world of difference, because the psychological state of the people are always unconsciously adjust, Make packaging color design should be varied and changeable.

White wine is favored by the middle-aged and old people, red wines are loved by the knowledge class, and beer men love it. Different types of people to the demand for wine, the wine packaging design should pay attention to the distinction.

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