The difference between whiteboard paper and white paperboard

- May 19, 2017 -

Whiteboard paper
is a white and smooth front, the back mostly gray-bottomed cardboard, which is mainly used in single-sided color printing carton for packaging. Whiteboard paper is generous size for 787mm, or according to the order contract to produce other specifications or Web paper. Whiteboard paper due to the relatively homogeneous fibrous tissue, surface layer with filler and rubber ingredients, and the surface coating has a certain coating, and after many roller calendering, so the texture of cardboard is relatively close, thickness is also relatively uniform, the paper is generally white and smooth, with a more uniform ink absorption, surface powder and the phenomenon of less hair, paper strong toughness and has a good degree of folding, but its high water content, generally around 10%, there is a certain degree of scalability, which will bring a certain impact on printing. Whiteboard paper and coated paper, offset papers, letterpress, the difference between paper gram weight, paper thicker.
White Paper Jam
A single layer or multi-layer paper, suitable for printing and product packaging, which is fully applied to the manufacture and full sizing of bleached chemical pulping, is generally quantitatively above 150g ㎡. The features of this paper jam are: high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good leveling. Can be used for business cards, menus, or similar products. White cardboard is a strong thick, large quantity of paper. In the past, a quantitative basis was proposed to divide: paper, cardboard and cardboard; the most common cardboard is not colored, and the white cardboard is used. If painted, the color is called a color paper jam. White card with high requirements, a, such as the whiteness is not less than 92, etc. not less than 87, etc. not less than 82%. White cardboard also requires a high degree of stiffness, breaking and smoothness (but embossed with the pattern of white cardboard), paper formation, no streaks, spots and other paper disease, also do not have warping deformation phenomenon.

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