The technique of pearlescent ink printing

- May 19, 2017 -

Core tip: Combine biotechnology with forest industry technology to create new added value from renewable and recyclable materials.
1. The characteristics of pearlescent ink

(1) The pigment is easy to damage
Pearlescent pigments are made of titanium dioxide (or other metal oxides) coated with mica, showing a thin structure, very fragile and easily destroyed.

(2) high pigment particle size
Commonly used mica-titanium pearlescent pigment size of 25 μm, thickness 0.2 μ m.

(3) Transparency effect on pearlescent effect
Pearlescent ink pearlescent effect mainly comes from the refraction of the incident light and interference, if the ink layer transparency is low, the original light will be absorbed and lost. Therefore, in the selection of ink binders or light oil, to choose the transparency as good as possible materials.

2. Precautions for use

(1) Suitable for field color block printing
As the pearlescent ink pigment particles larger, the dot on the bearing of less ink particles, such as a 2% of the dot can only carry 1 of pigment particles, it is difficult to ensure the reappearance of small dots, therefore, pearlescent ink is not suitable for printing mesh halftone products, preferably for the field color swatch printing.

(2) Back sticky phenomenon
Printing pearlescent ink especially prone to sticky on the back of the phenomenon, this is mainly due to the pearlescent pigment particles larger, and in order to increase its mobility, added a large number of binders, so that the ink becomes more dilute, drying time lengthened. can take the following measures to control and solve: one is strictly control workshop temperature, humidity, temperature control in 20 Shan around, humidity control in about 55%. The second is to ensure that the water and ink balance in the case of the maximum amount of control. Third, in the receiving part of the dusting, but to pay attention to the amount of powder can not be too large, otherwise it will affect the gloss of pearlescent ink. In addition, it is best not to use dryness oil to improve the drying speed of pearlescent inks, if you must use dry oil, must use white dryness oil, red dryness oil will affect the appearance of pearlescent effect, and dryness oil dosage should not exceed 2%.

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