The value of flexographic printing in packaging and printing

- May 19, 2017 -

The relationship between printing and packaging is inseparable, in which the soft package industry in the entire packaging industry to occupy the dominant position, the overall status of the printing industry in the same impact on the development of this packaging industry, today, said a soft package industry flexo printing.

The soft packaging industry is always related to people's livelihood, despite the many times of the world economic crisis and financial turmoil, but the industry is still full of upgrades. On the current market, the soft packaging industry entry threshold is getting higher. affect the development of soft package enterprises focus on the soft packaging printing equipment, a soft package enterprise spending focus or on equipment, the use of the concept of total cost to consider equipment investment is the right idea.

If you quantify the value of your equipment, you can clearly see the value of the revenue that the device will bring and make it easier to refine the purchasing requirements. The same manufacturers of soft packaging printing equipment also need to quantify the value of their production equipment in order to see their own shortcomings and future efforts to meet the needs of the market.

At present, the soft package printing industry equipment needs, for the printing process, electronic axis printing equipment has gradually replaced the mechanical axis gravure printing equipment, Flexo printing applications will be in China's long-term development. For dry composite processes, new designs will bring more value to the user. For the lightweight packaging structure, the solvent-free composite method will replace the traditional dry-type composite way, the national policy to do the Guide, the future of soft packaging equipment will be more inclined to environmental protection and energy saving and safe production.

Flexo printing is a relatively environmentally friendly printing method, with the maturity of technology and the prevalence of environmental protection concepts, flexo printing in the future in the soft package industry development will be immeasurable, soft package industry's main printing method will also be flexo printing.

Here is a brief discussion of consumer goods packaging, Flexo printing in the value of packaging printing.

High resolution Flexo Printing

Flexo printing using flexible photosensitive resin plates, raised the relief text transfer ink to the substrate material. In recent years, Flexo Printing has made a breakthrough in the quality of printing, and in many printing fields has become a major competitor of gravure printing. The progress of a series of technologies, including printing presses performance, Anilox Roller, plate, dot shape and ink supply system, for the next generation of high-resolution flexo printing technology to lay the foundation.

High-resolution FLEXO printing technology compared to ordinary flexo printing technology is similar to the difference between high-resolution TV and ordinary TV. High resolution FLEXO printing image resolution can reach 4000p Pi2, and standard Flexo printing resolution is basically 2450pi2. High-resolution FLEXO printing is used in the printing plate is flat-topped, rather than the traditional dome dot. Dome dot printing image usually has uneven edge, color region saturation is poor, and the new flat-top network display image more vivid, the text is easier to differentiate.

The advantages of high resolution Flexo printing include fuller field, better ink transfer, softer high light transition, better reproduction of high-quality images, and the ability to reproduce more than 150lpi of network cable.

Smaller orders, faster replacement

Now the new Flexo printing presses can achieve at least $number million printing orders. Flexographic printing can take on smaller orders because its printing costs are more economical and easier to replace than intaglio rollers. High-resolution Flexo printing can realize the rapid replacement of printing jobs and shorten the time period from design to printing. These advantages for the packaging industry to bring more options, especially in the current packaging market emphasis on personalization, regionalization and regular promotional activities in the market environment.

Wide Color gamut printing technology

A wide range of color gamut printing business flexo printing another major innovation. Wide-color gamut printing using a printing process, in the standard four-color printing (yellow, product, green, black) based on the increase in orange, green and purple. Wide-color gamut printing uses one or seven color combinations to represent all printed images, eliminating the use of spot-color inks. 85% of the 1800 Pantone colors can be reproduced, while the standard four-color printing can reproduce only 50%.

Wide color gamut printing process for packaging designers and developers to provide more color options. can achieve more complex color printing, improve the image of the real sense, more attractive colors, more vivid, more soft. Packaging managers can use the wide gamut printing process to achieve more compelling product effects, improve product and background color contrast.

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