Three methods of color matching used in paper printing ink for packing box

- May 19, 2017 -

1. Computer Color Matching method
Computer color matching in the foreign country has been about 30 years of history, has been at home and abroad in many of the use of color department. People use the color database stored in the computer and the connection between the relevant color matching software, the color data on the manuscript analysis and processing, through the calculation, correction, color matching, to select the color formula suitable for the sample requirements, and then complete the automatic ink color. Computer Color matching requirements standard color samples and the color of the ink is digital, to ensure the accuracy of each color and unity, and greatly save the color time, convenient, fast, rapid, accurate is the advantage of computer color matching. But different enterprises, the company developed the color matching software, are in the consideration of their actual production, application conditions based on the development, there is no uniform standard, which is one of the reasons for computer color matching can not be popularized.

2. Mechanical Color Matching method
Mechanical color Matching method is gradually popular in modern times, the more advanced color method, in the color of each link, the use of a certain machinery, instrumentation as a tool for configuration and measurement, by drawing a chart table, as a reference for the color matching, so that the color matching work in a relatively accurate range. This method changes the previous experience color of some blindness, so that color matching speed and quality has improved, but the accuracy of the color is low, error.

3. Experience Color Matching method
Experience color method means that in the absence of color measuring instruments, only with the experience and feelings of color matching, early is based on the color of the experience accumulated in the practice as the basis, the middle and late color is based on 10 kinds of basic color map or print color spectrum as a reference standard for visual color measurement. Experience color matching method is often affected by the physiological, psychological factors and other objective conditions of the color matching, product quality is difficult to maintain stability. In addition, rely on experience and feeling color, only qualitative, can not quantify, technology communication and communication more difficult.

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