What is PE film paper

- May 19, 2017 -

PE coated paper: The Hot Melt pe plastic film evenly coated on the surface of the paper, the formation of coated paper, also known as PE paper or coated paper. Compared to ordinary paper, its waterproof and oil-proof, mainly used in the production of food cartons, paper cups, paper bags and packaging, can also be used as industrial waterproof paper.
Ordinary paper is composed of wood fiber, absorbent strong, so we all know that paper suction tide, afraid of the tide. Using the laminating machine, the PE plastic is evenly coated on the paper surface after hot melt, forming a thin film because it is hot melt on the surface of the paper, so combined with the labor, not easy to disengage, and the entire process does not use any chemical solvents, very environmentally friendly, and in the late two times processing packaging, also do not need adhesives, directly with this layer of PE film, in the hot melt sealing. Commonly used in food packaging, the function of moisture and oil, we see in daily life in the disposable paper, Hamburg paper bags, melon seeds bags, paper meal boxes, food paper bags, air bags are made of this material. In the industry, is mainly used for moisture and waterproof, commonly used to paste on the surface of building materials, blocking moisture into the internal plate. The types of coated paper are mainly divided into: Single plastic PE coated paper and double plastic PE film paper.

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