Packing Mailer Paper Box Personalized Design

Mailer boxes are exquisitely craft, well sealed and can save a lot of timber resources. It can not only protect the quality of products, but also has a certain appreciation value, convenient for publicity, display and sale, and easy to carry. It is a new type of packaging product that is widely recognized.

Product Details

Packing mailer box personalized design

The mailer box is beautiful and easy to handle, also the product packing export special case. Widely used in food, household, electronic, cosmetics and appeal packaging. It is available in a variety of styles and is suitable for many different products. We provide customers with customized product design and production service, let packaging change easily reliable. 


Durable mailer box


color mailer box

Green design

In the decoration design and creativity, the service personnel try to guide the customer to use the color, texture and gloss of the printing material itself, avoid the design of full printing and over-printing, and adopt the non-polluting liquid purification technology flexible printing plate, and reduce the use of traditional glazing, laminating and other processes as far as possible when meeting the decoration requirements to take responsibility of the environment.

CYW mailer box maker

Welcome to wholesale our packing mailer paper box. As one of the leading packing products manufacturers and suppliers in China, we'll offer the best one stop service from design stage to shipping as a finish. If you have any question or concern about, please feel free to contact us, we’ll serve you wholeheartedly. CYW adds realism to your design. 


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