Strong Quality Custom Corrugated Box Wholesale

Corrugated cardboard is not only lightweight and durable, but also cheaper than ordinary materials. Moreover, the production process is simple and the use is more extensive.

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Strong Quality Custom Corrugated Box Wholesale

Packaging containers made from corrugated cardboard have unique properties and advantages for beautifying and protecting the interior goods. It has been comprehensively promoted and applied, and has become a protective packaging coat for various commodities in different fields. Strong quality custom corrugated box is your best choice for product packaging.


Durable box


Corrugated box

Durable corrugated box

Corrugated corrugations of corrugated cardboard are juxtaposed in a row and support each other to form a triangular structure. It has good mechanical strength, can withstand a certain pressure from the plane, and is rich in elasticity and has a good buffering effect. In order to increase our product diversity, we introduced German manufacturing technology combined UV or water-resistant printing inks on the surface of corrugated box. So we can provide products with unbeatable price.

Glossy and matte lamination

Today's corrugated cardboard covers are generally covered. You will find that there are two kinds of membranes, one is bright as a mirror, and the other is less reflective. They are called "glossy lamination" and "matte lamination". The glossy is the most transparent and has almost no effect on the ink color. On a flat surface such as a cardboard box, the effect of light as a mirror is good. The matte is thick and steady with a hazy surface. It is generally considered to be higher than the glossy. Our professional staff will help you to choose the right one.

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