Corrugated Paper Foldable Mailer Box

Corrugated boxes are boxes made of corrugated paper or glued, often used as packaging items for easy transportation. In 1879, Robert Gale modified the machine for printing paper bags to cut corrugated cardboard and corrugated paper and invented foldable cartons.

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Corrugated Paper Foldable Mailer Box

Corrugated paper can fold, can be easily carried, and it’s not difficult to carry out on the bus or subway. Corrugated paper boxes are easily recycled after they discarded or not needed. Welcome to wholesale our corrugated paper foldable mailer box. As one of the leading packing products manufacturers and suppliers in China, we'll offer the best one stop service from design stage to shipping as a finish.


Corrugated box


Mailer box

Cutting machine

In the producing process, we advanced facilities to quickly convent packaging material into cut and ready-to-fold status. Computerized V-scoring machine can precisely cut out the excess part of the folded position of the cardboard. Paper cutting machine cut the surplus paperboard, of course, the waste paper will be unified to the recycling station.

Professional Manufacturer

CYW Packaging Co.Ltd, professional supplier of various paper products was founded in 2009 and located in Shandong. Our factory is a solely invested medium size enterprise, we are a modern manufacturer of packaging and printing products, our products are packaging box/bag and printing items, such as gift boxes, notebook, paper bags, packaging box, colored boxes, paper display, booklet and etc. Welcome contact:


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