Custom Printing Cardboard Folder Mailer Box

Custom Printing Cardboard Folder Mailer Box

Custom printing cardboard one panel folder mailing box The one panel folder mailing box is the most common box style. Our products of paper packaging boxes include cardboard box, corrugated box, color box, carton box, mailer box , shipping box, etc. Custom printed mailer box is very simple...

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Custom printing cardboard  folder mailing box

The one panel folder mailing box is the most common box style. Our products of paper packaging boxes include cardboard box, corrugated box, color box, carton box, mailer boxshipping box, etc. Custom printed mailer box is very simple sturdy box that needs to be folded when assembled. For strength and durability, the sides are 3 layers of corrugated cardboard construction (or thickness) combinations and the top opens and closes with a tuck to the inside of the box. You can also have flaps on the side that tuck into the top to keep dust out of the product and cherry locks for added stability. We offer latest design and product information and have advanced equipments such as single-color,double-color and four color  printing machines, gravure printing machines, barcode machines, paper cutter, film lamination machines, folding machines and gluing machine and so on. Our reliable one piece folder boxes made from the strong materials will withstand compression, piercings, and the general wear and tear during transit and storage and keep your possessions packed in the package to reach undamaged.


Some of our boxes are used as a mailing boxes due to all of our boxes fold together easily and you can also write the contents of the box on the outside to easily find what you’re looking for, so packing and posting is quick during the shipping process. 


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