Printing Kraft Five Panel Folder Mailing Box

Printing Kraft Five Panel Folder Mailing Box

The five-panel folder style box features one extra panel that can be used as the closing flap to cover a side panel. In this way, the fifth panel offers additional protection for merchandise inside compared to a normal one-piece folder. Our company provides the five-panel kraft folder of many different sizes and shapes.

Product Details

custom printing kraft five panel folder mailing box

The five-panel folder box can be used for packaging many kinds of products, like picture frame, metal parts, long narrow items, rails and more. As one of the best selling products in our company, it has many advantages over a regular mailing box. First, the extra panel of five-panel folder helps increase stacking strength. It’s very likely for packaging boxes and items inside are damaged when they are stacked on a shelf. The fifth panel strengthens the integrity of boxes to keep the packages and items from being crushed. Second, the fifth-panel absorbs more vibrations during shipping transportation than regular boxes. Last, it provides the lateral crush protection for products that are palletized for shipping or storage.


The customized five-panel folder box makes itself even more versatile and brings more advantages. Our company aims at providing the top-quality packages for worldwide clients. The five-panel mailing boxes are made of 100 percent recyclable materials, which allow many environmentally conscious companies to minimize their carbon footprint. To fulfill your needs, we provide various kinds of paper materials for you to choose from, including art paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, coated paper, silver or gold card paper and other special paper. Besides, our company has introduced modern printing technologies, like offset printing, Fleco printing and UV printing.


Our five-panel folder is very easy to assemble with tape and is flat to save your shipping cost and storage space.


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