Corrugated Tab Lock Mailers Custom Printing

Corrugated Tab Lock Mailers Custom Printing

CYW has been providing custom packaging solutions for many small and large businesses alike for more than ten years. Our high quality customized packages with great print effects are always the go-to-option for many our customers looking to take their business to the next level. Our certified quality tab lock mailers, fast turnaround time and comprehensive customer service as well as trustworthy shipping service at CYW keep customers coming back to place orders.

Product Details

corrugated tab lock mailers custom printing 

Our corrugated tab lock mailers are perfect for shipping small, fragile items. They are constructed from ultra-durable corrugated materials that protect contents from bending and crushing during long distance transport. The economical locking tabs ensure the items inside secure and well fixed. It’s also user friendly, which means less than one minute is needed to fold together and no tape, glue or staples is needed. All the customized corrugated mailers can be shipped and stored flat to save your space and shipping costs.


On top of the exceptional quality and rigid structure, superior printing quality is another strength of CYW. We’re equipped with best printing facilities and experienced printing technicians to deliver the best logo printing effects. The full color offset printers, flexographic printing as well as silk screen printers are all available at CYW for you to select for your tab lock corrugated boxes. Besides, we have vast experience in logo printing and graphic design for corrugated tab lock mailers to walk through any first time customers exploring the ways to leave a great first impression on customers.


What sets our tab lock mailer boxes apart from competition is the shipping number of our mailers. Each mailer box at CYW is issued and printed the special shipping number that makes things far easier for vendors and logistics companies as well as recipients. 

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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