Custom Printing Outside Tuck Corrugated Tab Lock Mailers Boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes refer to split boxes made of corrugated board. Printing colorful graphics and pictures on the surface of corrugated label lock mail boxes not only protects the inner commodities, but also promotes and beautifies the inner commodities. It is the first choice of packing box.

Product Details

Custom printing outside tuck top corrugated tab lock mailers boxes

Custom printing outside tuck top corrugated lock mailer boxes are easy to set up in seconds. They are furnished flat, with its tab lock self locking design perfectly for shipping, mailing smaller and storage. CYW all the design tool to skill all the proposal to turn your idea into reality. We offer commercial quality tuck top corrugated tab lock mailer boxes with competitive price.


corrugated box


mailer box

Production ability

CYW Packaging is an one-stop processing manufacturer, all dimensions provided are inside dimensions and tuck top corrugated tab lock mailers come in a variety of styles and shapes. We regularly arrange relevant technical training for the factory staff. With the increase of technical staff’s proficiency, the time consumption of unit products decreases, and the production capacity increase naturally. Our manufacturer is capable to produce 50,000 units per month, small quantity orders are accepted.


Reliable manufacturer

In order to ensure that the final quality of the product meets your requirements and the quality standards of third-party testing, the factory has set up a quality supervision and inspection team to conduct real-time follow-up supervision throughout the production process. We are in custom corrugated tab lock tuck top mailer manufacturing for more than ten years, most of our products are exported to Europe and American, customer satisfaction is our priority. Choose CYW, your best corrugated mailer boxes manufacturer.


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