Kraft Outside Tab Lock Tuck Top Mailers

Kraft Outside Tab Lock Tuck Top Mailers

High quality mailer boxes not only protect your merchandise inside but also encourage customer loyalty. There’s no doubt that packaging has become one of important factors to affect your custom satisfaction. CYW. Packaging specializes in manufacturing high-end mailer boxes of great varieties.

Product Details

custom printing kraft corrugate outside tab lock tuck top mailers boxes

CYW. Packaging is a highly celebrated supplier of an unmatched range of mailer boxes. Every cardboard box we manufactured is customized to your specific requirements. Those customized boxes will suit your items perfectly and you don’t need to pay for any extra void-fill. Besides, we have a great team of international design talents. They’d love to offer a stylish design featuring your company’s logo and messages.


With more than ten years of experience, we made consistent efforts to update our expertise and improve our current printing techniques. We take great pride in having the best people on our team and make use of the best technology to deliver superior results.


The most special advantage of our mailer box lies in the bar code printed on boxes. The boxes with bar code replace the label process to reduce the labor and printing costs, while making things much easier for vendors, logistics companies, and customers. The reduced procedures would dramatically enhance working efficiency and effectively prevent any possible mistakes caused by manual operation. Businesses can be more confident giving the definite answer when receiving customer enquiries. As a result, it takes less time for your customers to receive products they ordered and higher customer satisfaction is obtained. So far, we are the only company providing this special service that would benefit all parties involved in the business.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our customer service team by emails or mobile phones. 


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