Best Place to Buy Shipping Boxes

Best Place to Buy Shipping Boxes

Looking for the best place to buy shipping boxes? CYW is an industry leader in manufacturing customized shipping box for more than ten year. Our mission is to offer the cost effective and high quality packaging solutions for our clients and help them impress customers and blow competition away.

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best place to buy shipping boxes


Shipping box is not simply a transport package for products, but also the marketing tool reflecting the quality of brand and leaving the first good impression on customers. Therefore, business owners attach great importance to the quality of shipping boxes they buy. To fulfill the quality packaging needs, CYW adopts the latest printing technologies and quality raw material to manufacture the best shipping boxes with great impact.


CYW offers the widest range of custom options for our clients to customize shipping boxes in any dimensions and styles. The corrugated cardboard we use are sturdy and recyclable so that our shipping boxes can protect the items inside during the transport. To impress customers, the great raw material for shipping box is not adequate. We offer the full range of printing methods to best suit our clients’ needs. Take our flexographic printing for example. Our flexo printers offer the precise color matching and competitive pricing, high print efficiency and wide ranging color choices for customized shipping boxes. Your company logo or texts on the shipping boxes can be faithfully reproduced with high resolution. At the same time, the silk screen and offset printing are also used to produce special printing effects for customized shipping boxes.


CYW is considered the best shipping box supplier by our clients worldwide. At CYW, the entire production process is closely monitored and inspected from sales to delivery. It doesn’t end with product delivery, and we stand ready to cope with your problems that are unlikely to occur though.

Customized cases are shown as follows:


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