Custom Printing Side Loading Flat Magazine Bubble Mailers Boxes

Custom Printing Side Loading Flat Magazine Bubble Mailers Boxes

CYW bubble mailers boxes are a cost-effective way to protect your magazines against damage and shock. Bubble mailers boxes and their durable kraft paper construction and 1/8” Bubble Wrap lining give your mailings exceptional protection that can withstand harsh handling. Plus, some of our bubble mailer boxes are self-sealed with small pieces of tape or staples which not only saves valuable insertion and fastening time, but also offers important tampering security.

Product Details

custom printing side loading flat magazine bubble mailers boxes

A side-loading flat magazine box includes a top, a bottom, a plurality of wall portions, which are connected between the top and the bottom, and a side-opening panel in one foldable unitary piece to permit access to an interior of the box or self-sealed with stripes of tape, then a box configuration formed. The side-opening panel may be transparent with a decorative pattern or include a transparent portion attached to an opaque frame. Some of the boxes can also contains a releasable fastening mechanism, which might be part of the unitary piece or include mechanical couplers, latching tabs, magnetic members, Velcro strips, or the like, for fastening the side-opening panel in the closed position. The side loading bubble boxes can be fitted with various inserts to partition the box for storing different types of articles.Bubble magazine mailer boxes, or sometimes called padded boxes, shaped flat form, go through the hassle of using a large box filled with lots of bubble wrap for any type of transference of small items like magazines or books. A custom mailing boxes is much cheaper and easier for anybody to pack and send small items. Padded printing boxes also can come in many colors, sizes or types based on your need. Bulk padded boxes are helpful for commercial business as well as normal uses.

Each bubble mailers boxes comes with a 100% quality guarantee. If you have any questions about any of our bubble mailer boxes, please contact us, We’ll be happy to help you.


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