2017: 'Five Positive' Packaging Printing Industry

- May 19, 2017 -

2017 Outlook: "Five good" to create packaging printing industry
In fact, for those in the packaging and printing industry, there are plenty of reasons to be confident about the future, because the Chinese economy is shifting from export, investment, real estate-driven to consumption-driven, and it has given the industry far more opportunities than any other industry.
New agriculture opened in the year, agricultural product packaging blowout
There are many indications that, starting from 2017, the first year of China's new Agriculture (sixth industry) is about to open, a vigorous new agricultural construction will lead China out of the trough. China's good hardware, excellent location, unparalleled natural resources, the future is more likely to beat the United States to become a world farm. In the next few years, the new agriculture from the farm to the table marketing model will stimulate the packaging, plastic flexible packaging, corrugated packaging field will produce Hao days of the increase in the extreme.
Express Packaging Rapid growth
In recent years, in the export of foreign trade packaging and luxury packaging in the case of shrinkage, express packaging with an average annual growth of about 45%, propped up the Chinese packaging industry a day. 2016, our country express packaging is expected to break through 30 billion pieces, then will need 30 billion waybill, 4.3 billion textile bags, 12 billion plastic bags, 4.5 billion paper envelopes, 14.4 billion cartons, 24.5 billion meters of tape, 4.3 billion internal cushioning packaging. According to China's postal sector forecast, 2017 express packaging will break through 40 billion, 2018 is expected to reach 50 billion.
Packaging and printing intelligent equipment is expected to burst
2017, the packaging printing industry formally entered the deep transition period, the traditional packaging and printing equipment has not adapted to personalized custom packaging requirements, digital inkjet printing, 3D printing, new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automated complete sets of production lines for the representative of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry system may achieve a new breakthrough. Along with Haier as the representative of the end-customer production model of the transformation, the future in line with the Industrial 4.0 era of development trend of new packaging printing equipment is expected to explode.
Packaging Creative Design Needs blowout
With the extensive use of intelligent equipment, from the heavy assembly line freed from the human will have more time to engage in creative and leisure, the pursuit of a more beautiful life. and product packaging personalized customization, agricultural products, the surging of electricity, creative packaging design needs are very huge. It is not difficult to foresee, can help brand business firmly grasp consumers, so that their creative packaging design will usher in the blowout.
Paper furniture, display props, education props development
2017, suitable for personalized customization, green environmental protection, superior performance of environmentally friendly paper products and creative paper products are expected to flourish. Paper furniture new trend is sweeping the world from Europe and the United States, paper furniture environmental protection, fashion, cheap, in line with the needs of the transition period, and paper furniture is to be assembled by themselves, this DIY fun is attracting the younger generation. Paper display props by virtue of its low carbon environmental protection, easy processing, disassembly, the United States Huan, high strength, convenient transportation, recycling and other good features, is expected to show the scene, shop kitchen window, theme park, and even the theme of the restaurant in the field of dominance. In addition, not only paper-three-dimensional books, paper toys, paper amusement parks by children's favorite, many education departments are struggling to find an educational props to open children's creative ability, which will be for the packaging and printing industry to open up a new field.

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