Increasing Focus On Sustainable Packaging

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Increasing focus on sustainable packaging


The development of packaging industry contributes to the economy as well as the same serious environmental problems. The environmental movement has been lunched on a global space. Sustainable development is the coordination of packaging production and environmental development. This is the development trend and necessary way of the packaging industry to adapt to the tide of environmental protection.


At present, countries have established strict regulations on the packaging access. The ISO14000 Environmental Management Certification is recognized worldwide and is known as the “Green Passport” recognized by the international market. Sustainable packaging is a market demand.


The design of sustainable packaging is developed in two ways: first, the resources are used to the maximum extent; second, the impact of packaging ecological environment is minimized. Focus on the following points:


1, The innovation of raw materials

Use natural resources to develop natural packaging materials or research new packaging materials.


2,Optimized packaging structure

Advocate moderate packaging, reduce packaging materials, reduce costs and save resources while ensuring the basic functions commodity packaging.


3,Improve processing and manufacturing technology and promote clean production processing.

The potential for cleaner production is large and can be resourced and waste reduced throughout the life of the product.


4,The recycle and reused of packaging

Repetition and recycling are an important part of sustainable packaging development. Recycling is a good way to solve solid waste. It has become an effective way to solve the problem of material sources and alleviate environmental pollution in some countries.


5,Established effective waste packaging recycled system.

Establish a waste recycling system. Standardize the behavior of various industries. At the same time, the waste products are sorted and recycled, and the processing work is supervised in real time.


For example, Felins, a US-based packaging solution company. It announced a brand new brand that include a new logo, position and website. The focus on the rebrand on sustainable and innovation on packaging are the new trend of the packaging industry. “We’ve developed a culture of professionals who focus keenly on customer need. We listen carefully and come up with alternatives that good for the bottom line and good for the environment - truly, sustainability at its best,” said Andrew Barrieau, CEO.


CYW believes that the development sustainable packaging is the responsibility and need of the company. AS a more than ten years experienced packaging manufacturer, CYW insist on the ecological environmental protection and using sustainable raw material to manufacturing the packaging box. 

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