Low Carbon, Environmental Protection Is The Future Development Trend Of Packaging Industry

- May 19, 2017 -

Nowadays, the increasing competition in the packaging industry makes the difference between similar products gradually decreasing, the homogeneity of commodity use value gradually increases, and the effect of product sales on external packaging shows more and more dependence. Therefore, how to make the product packaging appears to be different is urgent need of packaging industry thinking. With unique competitive advantage, business model easy to replicate the enterprise sustainable growth. The trend of increasing industry concentration has already begun in this process, a strong competitive advantage has been formed in some subdivision areas, and businesses with easy duplication of business models have the potential to expand rapidly.
Environmental requirements improve the packaging materials and processes continue to progress, the packaging industry's most common trends include the following: packaging miniaturization or lightweight, conducive to recycling and recycling, a higher proportion of recyclable;
With the development of green Low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development, the future packaging will also be in the direction of safety, environmental protection, intelligent and other development, so that packaging has become more diversified and multi-functional.

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